Beaugency Brandysnap (Holly)

dob 15.1.92-200
Sire: Ember of Baldslow
Dam: Ch Baldslow Leidy of Beaugency 

Best Special Yearling 1993

CC and Best in Show - Briard Club CH Show 1995

Holly was a very sweet girl.   Always hoping to please and a very doting mum, who took her duties seriously.  Sister to Bibiche, and her greatest pal.  She only had 2 litters, but what quality.    The first was to K'sar Royal Ghengis Khan with Baldslow, a beautiful black dog who so nearly gained his crown of CH and deserved to do so.  He came over to France with Ruth Bumstead when they moved and was therefore denied the opportunity.  From this, we kept our little beauty CH Beaugency Biscotte.  From her second litter to Fr CH Indy Blond de la Tour St. Genin we kept brother and sister CH Beaugency Pernod and Beaugency Paprika.  Pernod and Ettie proved themselves both excellent sire and dam, producing wonderful progeny for us.

She, like her mother, proved a great brood bitch.  She died peacefully in my arms.