A breed with a heritage going back to the 8th Century

The Briard is a very ancient French breed of dog developed over many years to be of help to the farmer in driving and guarding his sheep as well as general purpose help.  The first apparent mention of the breed was in the 8th Century, in the time of Charlemagne, where tapestries were supposedly made depicting him with large briard type dogs.  Emperor Napoleon was also believed to be a lover of the breed, and was reported to have owned two of them.

Here are some old photos of Briards in the past, that briard lovers from all over the world have found, collected and shared with others, which we now would like to also share with you.   If you've got any others you have found, which you feel we would be interested to see, we'd love to hear about them.   Many thanks to Janis Charbonneau from whom the majority of this collection came.

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