16.1.94 - 13.04.06
Sire: Ch Phenomenon of Triskele
Dam:  Beaugency Bibiche

TOP PUPPY IN BREED 1994 (BBC points)
1 BPIS    -  All Breed Ch Show
1 RBPIS  -  All Breed Ch Show
'Pup of the Year' Overall Qualifier at just
    6 months of age!
Winner  -  Joe Cartledge Memorial Trophy 1996

BEAUGENCY is the only kennel to win BEST DOG (Baccas) and BEST BITCH (Bibiche, his mother) at the Joe Cartledge Memorial Contest.

We sadly had to say goodbye to Baccas the Thursday before Easter 2006.  He had been suffering with cancer of the muscles for quite a while, and the time had come when he could cope no more.  A real character who is greatly missed in the household - greetings are just not the same any more.

Baccas really was a heart wrapped in fur. .Another who won well as a youngster. He became a Champion at the age of 2 and was retired from showing when we moved to France in 1997. From then on he devoted his attention to the French food, especially the cheeses (the smellier the better), and loved his baguette for breakfast. At his very first show (all breed CH Show) aged 6 months on the day, he won through to the Pup of the Year competition and was

Top Puppy in Breed 1994 (BBC)
and nearly equalled Jake's (B. Bouzy Rouge) record by winning:
1 Best Puppy in Show at all breed Ch Show
1 Res. BPIS at all breed Ch Show

Winner of the Joe Cartledge Memorial Trophy 1996

Only kennel to date to win both BEST DOG (CH B. Baccarat) and BEST BITCH (his mother B. Bibiche) at the Joe Cartledge Memorial Contest (A competition for all the CC winning dogs of the previous year)